For over 24 years, Lynette Jensen has thoughtfully designed and produced countless high quality patterns, traditional  fabric designs, and lifestyle books that reflect her distinct upscale country style. One of the first pattern designers to partner with a fabric company to build a brand and develop a distinctive look, Lynette recognized early on in the tremendous potential quiltmaking had in social networking. Her biggest accomplishment has been in her ability to connect quiltmaking to a lifestyle. Shares Lynette, “My focus has always been on making quilts become a part of peoples’ lives. Not only showing how to make quilts, but also, how to decorate and live with them.”  No other designer in our industry has come close to achieving the success that Lynette has enjoyed for over 2 decades.  

Lynette owned and operated a successful pattern company called Thimbleberries. First launched in 1987, Thimbleberries grew to be one of the most successful quilt pattern companies in quiltmaking, setting the standard for clear, concise pattern instructions and diagrams. Thimbleberries became the benchmark for teaching beginner quilters. Lynette’s goal was to make every quilter who picked up one of her patterns successful, so that they could continue to quilt and love the craft. The name derives from the thimbleberry, a wild berry that grows in the northern Great Lakes and produces a tiny red fruit shaped like a thimble.

After 2-1/2 years of retirement, Lynette decided to return to what she loves, designing fabric collections for the quilting industry. “I have missed the connection that quilting brings and am excited to be designing again for the craft I love. I feel like I’m Home Again with RJR.”