Katalin Klecz

Katalin was born in Poland and raised in Budapest, Hungary.  Growing up in an environment filled with rich folk heritage as well as artistically-minded family members, her chosen career path was destiny. 

Katalin went back to her birth hometown and attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where she studied interior design, painting and tapestry.  Upon graduating, she furthered her education and studied textile design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in the greater New York area, where she now considers home.

Many of her inspirations come from fond childhood memories of the Old World.  She enjoys combining the traditional styles with playful contemporary flavors. Brush in hand, she begins with a large blank piece of paper and escapes into her world of creativity and transforms the empty canvas into a whimsical story filled with unique forms and beautiful colors. 

Katalin’s “Floret Geometric” is one of her imaginative stories that started simply with a brush.





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