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Dan Morris grew up in Carmel, New York an hour north of New York City. At age 11, he began studying art under sculptor, Paul Rudin. Dan continued his art study throughout high school and later attended Temple University, where he studied architecture. Dan began his art and licensing career in 1994. From his first portfolio of work he acquired his first two art licenses. The first was designing greeting cards and gift products for Sunrise Greetings. The other was creating Tour shirt designs for rock artists such as Blues Traveler, The Grateful Dead, The Band, and Bob Marley. From that early, diverse clientele, Dan went on to develop a wide-ranging portfolio of art which today can be seen on hundreds of different products at major retailers throughout the country. Home D´cor, ceramics, stationery collections, and fabrics are just a few categories Dan's art is featured on. Dan's celestial/sun and moon calendars have been best sellers since 1999, and his many fabric collections are popular in crafting, quilting and manufacturing markets. Now he is working with RJR to develop exciting new novelty fabric lines.

Dan presently lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with his wife Barbara and their two children. Barbara, a former teacher, has been working with Dan as his licensing coordinator and designer since 2004.

Dan Morris has developed a unique process in creating art, which has helped him to forge a truly unique art form-one that is defined solely by him that cannot be easily reconstructed and replicated by others. No other competing artist in our marketplace, designs like Dan.

The process for Dan begins with a hand drawn pencil sketch. Once the pencil sketch is completed, the sketch is traced or inked with a permanent pen. From there, the drawing is colored with architectural and watercolor markers or colored pencils. Once the coloring is complete, the final art is then scanned into the computer, and manipulated into a layout in Photoshop.

Since Dan is self-trained, he does not bring with him the traditional disciplines learned in an art school environment. He approaches art from an outsider's point-of-view and therefore his approach is always original. He never learned to create artwork on the computer, so his art has a uniquely dimensional quality in comparison to the flat and generic look of computer-generated art. Shares Dan, "I define my look as stylized realism. My illustrations are relatively tight without being too photo realistic. My art appears different because I do not use traditional mediums as other artists do."