One of the most beloved and influential faces in quilting today, Alex Anderson made her debut on the international quilting scene as the host of HGTV's long running series, Simply Quilts. With more than 30 top selling quilting titles under her belt, and the ongoing success of her online web TV program, The Quilt Show, Alex's personal mission is not only to share her love of quilting with anyone who will listen, but to educate and encourage those interested in the craft, so quilting can continue to be handed down from generation to generation.

As a result, Alex has immersed herself in every facet of the sewing and quilting industry. She is the National Spokesperson for Bernina of America and thread designer for Superior Threads. She is a founding partner of and The Quilt Life magazine (publisher AQS) with co-founder Ricky Tims. Launched in 2007 The Quilt Show is the world's first full-service interactive online video/web TV created just for quilters worldwide. With over 100,000 registered members in over 100 countries, The Quilt Show's mission is to educate, inspire, entertain, connect and grow the world quilting community in a fun, positive and interactive environment.

Alex fell in love with quilting right off the bat. She learned the craft in 1978 as part of a school project to earn her B.A. from San Francisco State University. "During this time, quilting was enjoying a strong Renaissance and many were enthusiastic to learn," recalls Alex. "I started teaching my friends and then at local town centers. Many new quilt shops were popping up in the area and, with little knowledge under my belt, I approached them to teach. Several of my works began to show in other authors' books and magazines. My biggest break came when I landed a book deal with C&T Publishing. Soon after, I was approached to host Simply Quilts, and well my life turned upside down and with that, my love of quilting grew even more."

In 2008, Alex was the recipient of the Silver Star Award, an award given annually by the International Quilt Festival to living persons who have made a lasting and positive impact on the field of quilting and textile art over their careers. "Alex has inspired countless quilters to stretch their wings and try new things with her television show. For many, it was their first ever exposure to quilting," says Karey Bresenhan, founder of Festival. "As a teacher and author of many books, she is known for her remarkable ability to convey information in a way that makes it easy for others to learn. And we all know that she takes obvious, enthusiastic delight in sharing her techniques and knowledge with others. It has made a big difference in the lives of many women just starting out in quilting."

In designing fabric collections, Alex is deeply influenced by antique quilts and traditional patterns. Her debut line Flutter is a lovely nesting of natural textures, foliage and birds inspired by the Northern California landscape, which she calls home. Explains Alex, "In designing the collection, I aspired to include both classic fabric sensibilities along with a fresh new look. The objective was to create fabric that plays nicely together, but can also compliment any quilter's personal collection. As for the birds? One of my pleasures is sitting at my sewing machine and enjoying the menagerie of feather friends who play and flutter endlessly in the backyard."

Alex shares, "It has been a very serendipitous journey. I feel so grateful and thankful to be working in an industry and with a craft that I love and enjoy as so many of you do."" Alex resides in Northern California with her husband, John. To learn more about Alex, visit her website at